One can get lost looking into the shimmering, textured valleys of my metal adornments.

I am a New Orleans native, contemporary metal jewelry artist that uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create edgy, one of a kind designs. I use primarily silver in my works, but I also incorporate contrast in my pieces by mixing metals, using patinas, and incorporating unique cuts and intense color of precious and semiprecious stones. I pull inspiration from both organic and geometric forms. Colors and textures I find in nature are a constant source of stimulation for my designing process. I hand fabricate all of my pieces using metalsmithing techniques such as soldering, reticulation, fold forming, etching, keum-boo, and cloisonné enameling. My intent in creating my work is for the wearer to develop a personal connection with their piece, and to walk through life feeling confident and fearless.

Adorn yourself in confidence, by wearing handmade jewelry that moves you forward.

I design and handcraft jewelry in my studio in New Orleans.